Innovation in MedTech is complicated and high-tech? Think again!

Cancer Scanner as Piratboat

When I think of innovations in MedTech, I think of super intelligent capsules that we swallow and that do magical scans and analyse our body defects or I think of smaller and smaller robots in the operation room.

 Neither of this must be true. Some true people centric MedTech innovation does not involve any new technology at all.They take the technology that is already there but completely change the customer experience involved with the medical procedure. This happens, when you truly think from a customer’s point of view. Which, and this is my little lecturing, requires you to truly understand your customer’s world and his or her situation and job-to-be-done.  

Have a look at this wonderful story of how GE made the procedure of having a body scan by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems or by computerized tomography (CT) a very different experience with various effects on medical efficiency and the business for GE and their customers.  

Read the Article from Tom Kelley and David Kelley here.  I wish you happy Customer Discovery experiences, especially my students from the MedTech Startup School in Tübingen, Germany.

Gruß, Ute