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Hallo, I am Ute,

and I am very happy to show you how to succeed with CHANGE and INNOVATION in your business. How to get ready for a successful future.

How can I be so sure? Well I’ve been working with next generation products and services all y life. From Palo Alto to Europe to Tokyo. I worked in exec positions in global corporations, in medium-sized companies and I have multiple startups.As a change maker, team maker, courage maker and path maker; as an Engineer, MBA and innovation PhD, I have a lot of experience and routine, but also the right contacts and instincts that are needed to shape the world of tomorrow.I would like to share this knowledge with you:Get my free Reality Check. It get’s published about once a month and has useful tips about innovation, change and the leadership that is necessary to promote innovation and change.

                                                     Gruss*, Ute

The Reality Check comes frequently in German language, a bit less frequently in English. Register for the language you prefer, or simply register for both.

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* This is the German „Cheers“

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Thanks for being here! Ute

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