Structural change can be achieved relatively easily. Cultural change only succeeds if convictions and values change….

Need a new innovation culture? Need to create innovations for which there is a market?

It’s simple: Learn to think from the customer’s point of view.

Each of us has a world view and a comfort zone in our daily working life that consciously or unconsciously influences our actions and our assessment.  If you understand the world of your customers in detail, if you know what tasks your customers are struggling with day by day, then you will build innovations that provide added value where it matters most.  It’s all about thinking and acting customer-centered. That’s how you get your customers excited.  You need to take your teams away from the desk, out into the world of customers where they experience customer proximity and customer understanding first hand.

This often challenges „cherished“ behaviors and requires people to shake themselves free of inhibiting processes and structures.  It turns corporate culture on its head, but give a changing cultural change a chance! Yield new impulses and methods in your company.  Change working cultures step by step, giving front runners the freedom to start new ideas in a concrete project, and allow those that are hesitant, the peace and quiet of onlookers, to familiarize themselves with the successes of the new methods without the burden of change.

Its good to not distract those who work to run the core business at peak efficiency but allow a parallel culture to rise and grow. This new culture let’s go of values and practices that fuel the current business model but would fail in the new one. A new innovation culture is at the heart of inventing a successful future.

Let Better Reality Venture help you create a sense of urgency. With one or two selected innovation projects, we‘ll develop a tailor-made innovation program „in its concrete implementation“, with measurable, presentable results. With this we prove to all procrastinators that innovation is a successful way into the future.

See you soon,