8+4 Lessons for the Future of Corporate Innovation

8 by Steve Blank and another 4 added by Coke’s David Butler

for the full article, look here butler-fast-company

in shorthand the lessons learned summary:

Lessons Learned for Corporate Innovation

  1. 21st century corporate survival requires companies to continually create a new set of businesses by inventing new business models. 
  2. Most of these new businesses need to be created outside of the existing business units. 
  3. The exact form of the new business models is not known at the beginning. It only emerges after an intense business model design and search activity based on the customer development process.
  4. Companies will have to maintain a portfolio of new business model initiatives, not unlike a venture capital firm, and they will have to accept that maybe only 1 out 10 initiatives might succeed. 
  5. To develop this new portfolio, companies need to provide a stable innovation funding mechanism for new business creation, one that is simply thought of as a cost of doing business. 
  6. Many of the operating divisions can and should provide resources to the new businesses inside the company. 
  7. We need a new organizational structure to manage the creation of new businesses and to coordinate the sharing of business model resources. 
  8. Some of these new businesses might become new resources to the existing operating units in the company or they could grow into becoming the new profit generating business units of the company’s future. 

4 more added by David Butler, the VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of at The Coca-Cola Company

  1. In building capability, the company should look for “starters,” not “scalers.”
  2. But it’s not only about creating new revenue streams—creating new behaviors across the company’s culture is key. 
  3. Finding the balance between transparency and opacity is critical. 
  4. Nobody, no matter how smart they are, can do this alone.

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