Social Media + Social Marketing: Why Your Company Should Not Ignore It

Social Media – Why your company should not ignore!  [slideshare id=10625127&w=300&h=220&sc=no]

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Social Media and Social Marketing – everybody concerned with Marketing talks about it.

Does your company really need to be there?
What’s the benefit?
What’s the cost of not being there?
What about a B2B company where the key decision maker may never have even heard of “Social Media”?

 Make a conscious decision – inform yourself first.

These slides give a brief introduction into the background of Social Media, its basics and why a company should not ignore it, even if their primary customers’ decision makers are not in Social Media and if you never will never consider of selling online.
At the end it offers a very simple 5-step guide in case you want to take first steps.
The slides are part one of a series of 4 presentations of a lecture series at the European School of Business (ESB), faculty International Marketing. Within the next few days,

Part 2: the Social Media Toolkit
Part 3: Content Marketing and Storytelling
Part 4: SMM (Monitoring) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

will follow.
I hope you like it! Send me your thoughts and ideas and let me know what you would like to see improved!

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