How does change + innovation succeed?

Satisfied customers and stable profits are neither created by genius nor are they a matter of luck. They are based on a lot of customer understanding, a future-oriented company and leadership culture and an implementation that involves people and takes them along. My team and I will gladly show you how to get your teams out of their comfort-zone and into the world of their customers.
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Understanding the customer…

How does your innovation succeed?

// You can ask your customers what their next product should look like. But are they really able to understand or imagine what technology and economics allow for?


// You can develop 1000s of ideas and hope that the right one is there and found. But why let success be a coincidence?


> The way out of this dilemma is called “Job-to-be-done”. You need to understand what the customer wants to achieve. What important job he needs to get done. What progress he wants to make. It’s here that you start with successful innovation. As soon as you understand his biggest pains when going about his important tasks, you have the starting point for real customer value. Offer a real value solution and your innovation will fly.






Customers don’t want the drill, or the hole – they want to hang up a picture or their jacket. Understanding which tasks customers want to accomplish and what obstacles prevent them from doing so is the key to your next successful innovation.

Our Customers

BOSCH - Invented for Life
dm - Drogeriemarkt
emz - smart sollutions
Stuttgarter Zeitung
SWMH - Südwestdeutsche Medien Holding
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Elsässser Filtertechnik
TTI - Technology Transfer Initiative - Universität Stuttgart
bwcon - baden württemberg connected
EnBW - Energie Baden Württemberg
University of Vila Velha, Brasilia
Netze BW
HP - Hewlett Packard
Bosch grow Startup GmbH

What customers have to say

„We receive tailor-made, well thought-out business model workshops from Ute for the teams of the Bosch Start-up Platform "grow". They are full of energy and fun, deliver great results and our participants are thrilled"
Peter Guse CEO Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH
„The energy, the enthusiasm and the knowledge with which Ute brings to our teams anew to best performance time and again is unbelievable! She brings the best of "two worlds". On the one hand enterprise experience and on the other startup experience. She knows both worlds and can therefore act quickly and flexibly and adapt to unforeseen situations in the teams. Above all, she passes on a great deal of knowledge and succeeds in inspiring us time and again.“
Maja Malovic Managerin InnovationsCampus & Design Thinking Coach, EnBW AG
Professor Ute, thank you for the excellent experience that you bring to our team. My colleagues and I, we liked your innovation classes very much. The great pedagogical dynamics and their results, that can be applied in our University right away! Até logo
Heraclito Amancio Pereira Junior Reitor da Universidade Vila Velha, Brasil
"Ute is an energetic power woman who has always inspired me to pursue new thoughts and walk away from the comfort zone. With her firm powers of comprehension and well-founded methodical competence, she was immediately well received in our team and quickly took us to a new level"
Ibrahim Berber Manager and Intrapreneur@EnBW
"Ute draws me in a friendly, but determined way, out of my comfort zone. Away from the development lab and out to the customer. That was exactly what I needed!"
Dr. Clausius Kischka Founder and CEO, DCK Motorsolutions
"Ute is just great! She conveys the LEAN start-up methods with competence and a lot of experience, infects the participants with her enthusiasm and leads them into the implementation."
Andrea Rotzler Bosch Seed-Management, Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH
"Ute has shown us that we first have to understand what the customer needs a solution for, and then iteratively and in close scrutiny of the customer, determine the product features. And all that before the typical development process even starts. That's how we develop Smart Solutions."
Thomas Hanauer CEO emz Hanauer GmbH & Co. KG
"Ute has a great sense for the team climate. Before we started sharpening target markets and customer insights, she recognized blockages within the team and resolved them with us. We're now back in full throttle as a team."
Florian Vetter Founder + Intrapreneur@EnBW
"The InnovationDays were AMAZING! Many thanks to Ute. It was a lot of fun. Her wealth of experience, her sound knowledge, the many practical examples combined with our experience in business innovation - simply TOP! ***** 5 Stars"
Peter Geisel Lead Energy Management, EnBW AG
"The Expedition Workshop with Ute was a lot of fun. We were allowed to flesh out and pitch our ideas using cool tools and Ute's support. In two and a half days, as a team, we have closed ranks and are now more motivated than ever to launch our business idea on the market."
Karina Metzdorf Director, Robert Bosch GmbH
"This was a really round, energetic workshop with lots of valuable tips and kick ass – thanks!"
Sandra Gässler Program Manager, MedTech Startup School Tübingen
Ute is an outstanding coach and consulting expert! She did a great Job on coaching and supported me in preparing a big stage moderation - both on presentation skills and content! Outstanding!!!!
Hanna Cordes New Business Manager, Bosch GmbH

My passion for your success

Let me help you get your InnoTeams out of their comfort zone and into the real world of understanding customer frustrations and needs. Let me help you create real problem insight to then develop change and innovation for which there is an actual market. How? We take the mere chance out of your innovation process and achieve understanding – customer understanding. Building innovation that is intended from a customer point of view and offers a real value.

LEAN Innovation Process

A time-saving and cost-efficient approach in three steps.




The process in detail

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My passion for your success

My team and I support your profitable and stable growth in changeable times by

helping you develop innovations that are intended from the customer’s point of view.

Take the chance out of your innovation process!

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