“Our heads are round to allow our thoughts to change direction.”


I train people to take the customer’s perspective when they think about new products, services and processes.

This challenges many “cherished” behaviors and turns corporate culture on its head bit by bit.

A lively and exciting process, which has always led to success in the many projects that I have been able to accompany so far.

Who am I…

I am Dr. Ute Hillmer, industrial engineer, innovation manager and executive coach, living in Stuttgart.

My specialty is the development of successful change and innovation, designed “from the customer perspective”. It is important to me to train managers, teams and founders so that they can take this customer perspective too. This creates change and innovations that make sense, that sells well internally and externally and that generate growth. Building successful change and innovation cultures within companies and establishing them in the long term are my goals.

I draw from decades of worldwide experience in corporations, medium-sized companies and in my own startups. My consulting experience derives from working in corporations like Bosch, Daimler AG, EnBW, Hewlett-Packard, TÜV Nord and SWMH. In addition I work with numerous medium-sized companies and countless startups. I also know the “corporate world” from an internal perspective: For almost 20 years at Hewlett-Packard, I was responsible for bringing innovations to markets worldwide with the help of sales and marketing. Not always a corporate girl, I started my career in Germany and the USA, working for SMEs and my own three start-ups taught me life as an entrepreneur.

I lecture on innovation management at German and international universities, for example at the Steinbeis University in Berlin, the University of Stuttgart or in Vila Velha / Vitoria in Brazil. At the MIT in Boston, I regularly gain knowledge and inspiration for new methods and procedures. I have also published a book on my expertise in the field of technology acceptance.

My heart burns for my job and for my clients, but there is of course also the private Ute Hillmer. She involves herself with female founders and is networked with VentureWomen a network for power women in the innovation scene in Baden-Württemberg and beyond. I have two great kids, believe in the goodness of people, love to do sports and enjoy life actively. Here is my CV and Profile.




What drives me: Innovation for people

You want to make this world a little bit better? A little bit more friendly, happier, make everyday life for others a little easier? Secure jobs for people in their companies in the long term?

With my work, I crave to contribute to making this world and life a little bit better. To me, this means: listening carefully! What is important to people? What do they want to achieve? What frustrates them in their attempt to achieve these goals? How can we change something?

Companies and teams can make a contribution by providing product innovations that make life safer, more sustainable, more beautiful and happier.

Innovations that exist only because they are technically possible are often useless. The moment they are on the market, it turns out that nobody needs them.

I want to innovate with you, where change and improvement is needed and meaningful.

Today, the question is not, “Can we build the product?” but “Should we build the product?”

Business ideas are a dime a dozen. In a systematic process, I teach you to get to know your customers, to interpret the signs and take the necessary next step at the right moment. Without high costs and in a few weeks.

I have passion and power and over 25 years of experience. Accumulated from Palo Alto, USA via Europe to Tokyo. With innovative projects in corporations, SMEs and startups, including my own three.

Innovations for people! That’s what I burn for.

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