Get your Innovation Teams in Motion: How to get your team to deal with change and innovation successfully

“The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese – but how do we get our team there?

Careful observation or information from personality tests help managers better understand their colleges strengths, weaknesses and the way they perceive and process information.  

This information is especially valuable, when you are putting together a team that must perform well right from the start. (for more details on ideal innovation teams, have a look at …..

In my last blogpost, I have introduced you to the business fable: „Who moved my Cheese?“  which showes an amazing way to deal with change in your work and life, and four typical reactions  to those changes by two mice and two „littlepeople“, during their hunt for cheese.  

In this blog  I want to show you, how you can put together a team, using information from Meyers-Briggs and DISC to make sure you have a good mix of personality types that complement each other in their strenght and weaknesses. Understanding personality types also help you understand how to best motivate  each one in a way that works best for them.  

Lets use the story of „Who moved my Cheese“.

Sniff, the one who leads the others in the right way

Sniff for example would test as a Visionary. As visionaries, the Sniff’s of the world are set out to find the next opportunity for success. They point the rest of us in the right direction, leading the way through determination and an instinct to find new possibilities. Often leading the charge through unseen ventures, the Sniff’s of the world can provide leadership in strategic thinking and analysis. 

Scurry, who went into action right away 

Scurry would test as a Director, ready to take action. The Scurry’s in our organization are the do’ers. These are individuals who don’t whine or waste time lamenting the comings and goings of their cheese, once they realize their cheese is missing and understands the general vision of where to get more, they take off running for it. These are not the whiners in your organization; these are the adaptable and flexible individuals ready to act on change. 

Hem, who rejected any change 

Hem would test as a Protector, relating to his environment with a sense of entitlement and eager to live within his boundaries. The Hem’s in our organization like the niche they have built around themselves, the notoriety and attention this has brought them, and any changes can be perceived as personal attacks. Hem’s feed off of what they can show others and like to be at the center of attention, even if it means whining for it. 

Haw, who took his time analysing 

Haw would test as a Counselor and Teacher. The Haw’s in your life have a great appreciation for others, understand the need for change, and although afraid, can be led to appreciate and welcome change and champion this change for others. 

By mapping these characters to the Myers-Briggs type indicator, or the Disc  Matrix, you have a tool to meet the needs of the individuals in your teams. Understanding which characters they are within the “Who Moved My Cheese” story helps understanding their readiness for change, understanding the personality traits that make them those characters will helps recognizing the reasons for their behaviors and how to assist them in eventually finding their own cheese. 

Have fun exploring,


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