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Get your Innovation Teams in Motion: How to get your team to deal with change and innovation successfully

“The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner you find new cheese – but how do we get our team there?“ Careful observation or information from personality tests help managers better understand their colleges strengths, weaknesses and the way they perceive and process information.   This information is especially valuable, when you are putting…

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Who moved my cheese?

A moral story about „LIFE GOES ON AND SO SHOULD WE.“ My innovation and leadership workshops get cancelled, one by one. Keynotes are being cancelled because the events won’t take place. There are no new appointments, nor is online an option. My customers wait and see what happens next and reduce all variable costs. Who…

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Angst - Fear

3 Fragen und ein Gummiband: Führen in Zeiten von Panik und Angst

Wie vermeiden wir, Entscheidungen aus Angst zu treffen? Wie vermeiden wir es, ständig in einem ängstlichen Zustand zu sein?

3 Fragen, die sie sich in Zeiten von Angst und Panik stellen können:
1. Worauf konzentriere ich mich? Wo sind meine Gedanken? Worauf Sie sich konzentrieren, dorthin geht Ihre Energie.
2. Welche Bedeutung geben ich den Dingen? Wie interpretiere ich Sie?
3. Was tue ich im Angesicht von Angst und Herausforderungen?

Jetzt geht es in eine einfache Attention Management Methode…

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Gesicht bemalt mit Weltkugel

When the Golden Globe Awards 2020 serve a full vegan meal, the predictable, successful innovation is possible

When an entirely vegan dinner menu is served at short notice at the 77th Golden Globe Awards on January 5, 2020 in the name of environmental and animal protection, this sets a sign that will be important for your next innovation. Or let me put it in different words:Companies that develop innovations can never be…

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